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        人気検索: STM32L433C  GD32F107VG  GD32VF103CB  M8030  G8030  RT8207MZQW  


        ブランドフルネーム:Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd

         Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 1976, is a global leading DMS (ODM/EMS) company. 

        USI not only provides manufacturing service, but also aggressively cultivates R&D talents, and persistently invests on the development of Handheld Devices, Wireless Networking Products, Car Electronics, Storage, Industrial PC, Server, Work Station and their Motherboard. 
        Combining its advanced SiP techniques, USI has built its unique competitive edge to provide customers time-to-market, high quality, and high value-added and most cost competitive total services.
        USI joined ASE group in 1999. By internally integrating, USI provides customers the best total solutions from IC integrated test and packing, SiP (System in Package), PCBA to system assembly. 



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